The Lowlies – Umber Cuke


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Lowlies-Logo-01You no longer have to spelunk the Underwhere to find an Umber Cuke of your very own. We nabbed a stash of these things from the gift shop at Quibble’s Lair in Floom. They’re ridiculously awesome, totally hand-made (with love and other natural ingredients), and absolutely perfect for all your cuddling and snuggling needs (well, most of them).

This guy lumbers at over 20″ tall, with all sorts of snazzy details. Don’t stare into his eyes unless you dig befuddlement. Also, don’t let your kids put his eyes in their mouths, it would be bad.

Krystal sews each Umber Cuke by hand using eco-fi felt and polyfil, so no two are completely identical.

Since most Lowlies are made-to-order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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