The Lowlies – Plush Slog


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IMAG4741Take a big, fat, limbless werm and cross it with a cremefillian. The result is a slog (not really, it just kind of looks that way). These critters, at least the pygmy variety, have been used as beasts of burden since time immemorial. They crawl along, oozing on a trail of partially hydrogenated animal and/or vegetable shortening that drips from large pores on their ventral surface. Pygmy slogs are easily domesticated, but many of the larger slogs are carnivorous and can be quite dangerous.


These footlong slogs are of the “easily domesticated” variety. Created by Abby, each Slog is  handmade with fleece, big colorful eyes, and a wiggly smile. They come ready to be loved and cuddled!

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