Slogpile Lite (Free PDF)



The Ridiculously Simple Slog Stacking Game











The Gist

Apparently a bunch of slogs got loose or something and for whatever reason you need to stack them on top of each other. Maybe they won’t all fit into your wagon side by side or something. I don’t know. I didn’t put that much thought into the backstory. This is the FREE lite version of the Slogpile game.


Print all this stuff. Cut out the slogs along the solid lines and fold them in half along the blurry lines. Get yourself a four-sided die (d4). If you have more than two players print an extra sheet of slogs (or two or three depending on how good you are).

Playing the Game

The hairiest player goes first. Start with two slogs on the ground side by side. Roll the die and stack that many slogs on top of the other slogs (make sure to leave room for two slogs side by side). If you knock any over you get a point for each one that falls. Whoever has the FEWEST points after each player has gone eight times (or five or ten or a thousand, it’s up to you) is the Boss and gets to give each of the other players a wedgie.






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