Original Color Artwork – Pandalope and Daddy Ignominious


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andypandaPandalope and Daddy Ignominious

Original Color Artwork by Andy Hopp (signed by the artist)

Date of Creation: 2012
Format: Colored pencil on smooth bristol
Dimensions: approximately 8.5″ x 11″





Pandalope is featured in the recently released The Whole Hole: Volume 1 guidebook for the popular Low Life RPG:
“Pandalope the Panderer, a pimpular tizn’t from Over There, runs a stable of strumpets in the alley between the Slargleflop and Pickled & Plowed. He has a standing arrangement (well, more of a lying down arrangement) with Slargle, the proprietor of the Slargleflop. In exchange for the discounted use of Slargle’s beds, Pandalope extends the security afforded by his multiple horcish bodyguards to the flophouse and its owner.
Pandalope caters to all tastes and inclinations. If your personal perversion isn’t in stock he can probavbly arrange for it within the hour. His stable is pretty respectable too, employing such fine specimens as Amanuensis the Septapod (a seven-armed tizn’t with two mouths and an unknown number of other apertures), Kremekle the Kinkqueror (a cremefillian whose artistry with the lash makes grown peeps weep leathery tears), and Teensy Bertilda (a miniscule werm who does her lovin’ from the inside). They’re clammy but worth it (so I’ve been told by a friend), far superior to the scraggly hags plying their trade on the tables of Pickled & Plowed.”

Daddy IgnominiousDaddy Ignominious is a previously unnamed denizen of Oith whose previous jobs include representing the Righteous Indignation Feat in the The Whole Hole: Volume 1.


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