Original B&W Artwork – Scitherblike (The Pilferer)


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ScitherblikeScitherblike (The Pilferer)- Original B&W Artwork
Date of Creation: 2002
Ink on Bristol Vellum

This image of Scitherblike (The Pilferer) appears on page 53 of Monsters of the Endless Dark.

From the book:
“That first unfortunate incident I made the acquaintance of the scitherblike, the strange little creature sat watching me from a low stand of morels. Its body was slung low and lean, with a long, skinny tail that lay curled about its back legs. Its wide eyes shone green in the firelight, hovering at the edge of our encampment. Strewn about its head were clusters of long, bristle-stiff whiskers, and upon closer inspection I could see additional elongated hairs emerging from various parts of its body. As we lay finishing our meal, our visitor stood straight up on its back legs, gave the camp a thorough once-over, emitted a low whistle, and boldly sauntered deeper into our camp. Since then I have learned that this is exactly how multitudes of soft hearted deeprunners have been taken in by these persistent little beats. In an instant, they go from comical curiosity to an intolerable pest.”

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