Original B&W Artwork – Nowyr (The Unlikely Oracle)


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NotGarzumDaiNowyr (The Unlikely Oracle) – Original B&W Artwork
Date of Creation: 2002
Ink on Bristol Vellum

This image of the Nowyr appears on page 41 of Monsters of the Endless Dark.

From the book:
“Thinking back to that time, I remember mistaking the nowyr for a band of gaurzam dai that had taken to traveling. I couldn’t have been more wrong, however, and only an inexperienced nitwit would have ever confused the two. The males of the nowyr are truly diminutive creatures, standing little more that three feet in height. Their skin is a deep brown, sparsely covered in thick black hair, and adorned with tattoos of symbols and abstract pictures of various creatures. Their hair is wild and unkempt, occasionally decorated with beads, gyont fronds, or multitudes of other such stuff that strikes their fancy. Their eyes are large and yellow, with pupils that close to slits in the light, much like a cat. The female nowyr are much like the males in appearance, only they are much taller, standing just under five feet, and their eyes are orange rather than yellow.”

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