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Oithling Challenge Coins are a really nifty way to show your support for Mutha Oith Creations and to connect with fellow Oithlings. Here’s the gist:

When two Oithlings meet, one of them may present a challenge, presenting her coin and daring the other Oithling to do the same. If that Oithling fails to represent, he must immediately (and hopefully publicly) sing the refrain from Kiss My Floomish Wazoo, the national anthem of Floom. Her  e it is, for the edification of the inquisitive:

Oh crungious slab of Floom!
We drain our suds to you’m!
If ever you should fall!
We’d be sad for a while but we’d eventually get over it.

Here are some audio files of me making a fool of myself:

Kiss My Floomish Wazoo
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 02
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 03
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 04
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 05
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 06
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 07
Kiss My Floomish Wazoo 08

And here it is in video form:

Kiss My Floomish Wazoo_small

If the opposing Oithling does indeed present his coin he flips it in the air and calls heads or tails. If he wins the challenging Oithling must sing Kiss My Floomish Wazoo. If he loses the toss nobody has to sing.

challenge-coin-front    challenge-coin-back

There are three Oithling Challenge Coin varieties. The copper version may be purchased by anyone, but the silver and gold ones can only be earned by prominent Oithlings as a reward for attaining enough clams.

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