Map of Keister Island (Free PDF)

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This lovely full color map is yours for the downloading. That’s right, it’s completely free and I won’t even try to guilt you into buying something, even though I have mouths to feed and feet to shoe and solid gold swimming pools to fill with diamonds and whatnot.Map-Keister Island_small

That’s just the preview version. The downloadable one is 8.5″x11″ and 300dpi. This map originally appeared in The Whole Hole -A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith- Volume 01: Keister Island. Why not nab yourself a few copies while you’re here?

1 review for Map of Keister Island (Free PDF)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Doc Bedlam

    A fine and brilliant thing, all the more so for being free. Next time someone tells you that you couldn’t find your own keister with both hands and a map, whip this out and prove ’em wrong!

    At least, I hope you can prove ’em wrong…

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