Low Life Figure Flats: Keister Island (PDF)





This FULL COLOR set represents dozens of characters, beasts, and accessories from The Whole Hole Vol. 01: Keister Island. This is the PDF version, which you can print on high quality card stock.







You’re really going to dig these little goosers.

llffki08Figure Flats are just the guys to do the job when you don’t have the miniatures to represent the character or creature you need for your Low Life RPG, Low Brawl, or miniatures battle.


llffki05This set includes dozens of characters (including funguys, flews, and snells), monsters, body buddies, fungi, pets, and templates introduced in The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Vol. 01: Keister Island.

llffki07You really owe it to yourself to nab a set of these. Go ahead, you earned it.



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