Flew 01 Miniature

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Low Life Miniatures: A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).

All miniatures are done in heroic 30mm scale, cast in pewter, and ridiculously perfect for all your Low Life adventures or anywhere else dark whimsy is appreciated.

As a bonus, we incorporated a Low Brawl peep card into each miniature’s packaging. (Click here to see an example!)


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Flew 01

Get it? Their ancestors were flies but these guys don’t have wings, so they’re known as flews. HA!

Miniatures are unpainted. Some assembly may be required.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Doc Bedlam

    Flews are awesome by nature. Great idea. The Flews shown here are both splendid pieces of work; this one, however, comes in pieces, and requires some careful gluing and pinning to make it work properly. This is not a bad thing; once you have him together, his arms are wildly poseable and he can be made into a thing of stunning beauty and weirdness. Recommended not just for Low Life, but for any game requiring you to do a lot of interactions with giant sapient insects.

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