Combo Pack: The Whole Hole (Print) and Figure Flats (PDF)


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New combo pack! Buy the print book The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Vol. 01: Keister Island and get the downloadable PDF of Low Life Figure Flats: Keister Island FOR FREE! And we’ll even throw in free shipping on the book too – it’s a deal you can’t miss!


The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Vol. 01: Keister Island (Print)


The first in a series of guidebooks exploring the lands, peeps, beasts, and ways of Mutha Oith.

Tash Shardborn has this to say:

“In a very real sense, the Keister is the island. But in an equally, and more accurately, real sense the island is the island. Witness the cosmopolitan jumble of Floom, the aromatic mysticisms of the Garden of Smellemental Glee, the monumental juts and caverns of the Knobby Rumple…  Behold dank rites and unspeakable atrocities as you scramble your way through the lichenous strew of Stan’s Rug. Prance the loamy frolic of the Soul Patch. Wallow in the ichorous murk of the Imple Slew. Wonder what all those statues are about. Do some other stuff. Try not to get eaten.”

 WH01sample02The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Volume 01: Keister Island is the first in a series of guidebooks (that’s what “Volume 01” means) designed to immerse the reader within and among the places, peeps, beasts, and happenings of the various realms of Mutha Oith. Join intrepid gadabout Toucanacondor Flaminguez as he tours Keister Island. You’ll explore dozens of locales, meet hundreds of peeps, examine new religions, gawp in awe at wondrous magics, and run in terror from a bunsload of horrifying monstrosities.

WH01sample01Here you’ll investigate the Fundamental nature of all things, dabble in smellcasting at the Garden of Smellemental Glee, chug suds with Floom’s elite, and marvel at the bottomless Keister of Gawd. There’s new Holy Crap, new Edges and Hindrances, New PC species, new setting rules, and twenty pages of new monsters. Seriously, stop reading the description and just buy the goosin’ thing already.


The Savage Worlds rules system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group is required to play the game, but not necessarily to enjoy the book. (224 pages, Full Color. Dredged from the muck by Andy Hopp.)

Low Life Figure Flats: Keister Island (PDF)


This FULL COLOR set represents dozens of characters, beasts, and accessories from The Whole Hole Vol. 01: Keister Island. This is the physical version, printed on high quality card stock and shrink-wrapped for her pleasure.


You’re really going to dig these little goosers.



Figure Flats are just the guys to do the job when you don’t have the miniatures to represent the character or creature you need for your Low Life RPG, Low Brawl, or miniatures battle.





This set includes dozens of characters (including funguys, flews, and snells), monsters, body buddies, fungi, pets, and templates introduced in The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Vol. 01: Keister Island.



You really owe it to yourself to nab a set of these. Go ahead, you earned it.



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